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In an attempt to improve my own graphic design portfolio, I’ve spent some time looking at other designers portfolios.Whilst many featured some incredibly inspirational work, I noticed a number of them that were let down by one or two poor design ch
So you’ve just received an email from a potential client.They’ve told you a little about their project and explained what they need from you.It’s sounding good so far.Then you read it. That little sentence at the end that turns the
As a freelance designer, you should be using contracts when working for clients.When I started, I didn’t use them, which was just one the the beginner mistakes I was making.This great talk by Mike Monteiro of Mule Design highlights just how im
Visual interpretation of sound.
Who’s the Victim (by tomgreenidge) Interesting to see the other side for knife crime not just the victim that get stabbed. 
Project celebrating Bob Dylans 7Oth birthday. Graphic frontispiece, hand lino cut print and metal type piece, digital photography album cover.
Castletown House - photographic storybook
Branding for communitate pr and communications
One of the most common questions I see being asked by new designers is “What should I charge for design?”Sadly there’s no simple answer.Graphic design doesn’t suit a fixed price model due to the vast differences between projects.You need to w
Castletown woods.
Nature and its connection to me... Shevan Wells-Jansz (SWJ-ART)Nature to me is the life blood of my soul.   I am in awe of it everyday as it mesmerises me with its wonderful enchantment.    I pity over Natures destruction as we humans