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Well most of my time since breaking up university this year has been time spent on placement hunting this has been the lack of updates to the blog. I have recently started getting back into project work and currently collecting some designs for a c
Visual essay I wrote on why I believe design should be influenced by nature also known as biomimicry. View the video with images that I took to try and relate to the essay. Please feel free to leave any feeback or comments.
Using basic photoshop tools to render sketches. Only just started to learn photoshop so hopefully see some improvements soon in the renderings I produce mainly use it for photo editing. Any questions please feel free to ask and thank you for watching
some basic tools used to render in solidworks 2011
As a mom, I look back over the last 18 years and celebrate the tiny moments that mean the most. Playing pirate ships make believe when our king-sized bed floated amidst the waves of gators and whales. Planting one strawberry bush
Knife crime. Interview No 1 (by Itdoesnthavetohappen) internist to see what he is thinking and feeling about being in jail.
I find Joyce Meyers television ministry to be a terrific source of inspiration. Today,  she spoke of always remaining in a spirit of amazement. I hope you can find it on her website to play. This second I am amazed that we just fo
first image edit for the poster for the design show. need to add text to the image still.
Thought this was interesting. Most people do not realize that cleft lip and palates are so common.  I can't help but smile when I see a children with clefts.
New fork shape really like this. 
In the past few months I have meet several people through a groups in Facebook. I had no idea what a group in Facebook could offer me but now I have learned that it offers much more than a string of disconnected post. Its a flourishing community of p
have thought about adding a bend into the fork this give it a bit more strength but not shore about the shape.