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Today the Olympic Flame was run through my little town of Dalkeith. Myself, the Esk Valley Rotary crowd (and a hell of a lot of other people) turned out to cheer on Diane Cunningham as she ran madly through the streets holding the flame high in the g
My liquorice allsorts jewellery is back! Yup, you should be excited. Check ‘em oot! Get your necklace here £24.99 Get your bracelet here £14.99 Get your drop earrings here £4.99 Get your stud earrings here £2.99 Get your keyring here
For the Jubilee weekend we headed down south for a weekend of camping…. in the rain…. and the mud. Cold and wet. Warming our arses by the fire. Splish splash spilsh splash! Reuben decided to jump into every single puddle on the way
(via Drink “Like a Boss” with the Cuppow from Aaron Panone & Joshua Resnikoff - Core77) 
Interesting exhibition on at DJCAD Dundee worth checking out if your up that way. via Fast Company
Hello Little Printer, available 2012 (by BERG)
The Cake is a lie (via Portal’s ‘Still Alive’ Performed On Old Floppy Drives | Geekologie - Gadgets, Gizmos, and Awesome)
Novum 11/11 – Making Of Cover (by Paperlux)
READY STEADY JEWEL!! So I along with fellow DJCADer’s Scarlett Erskine, Karen Smith and Rebecca White were invited to join in with this exciting idea. We make a piece of jewellery in a day, and it gets auctioned off on the 31st August for fo
So I am now back from London, and still not recovered fully. It was very enjoyable though and I spoke to many wonderful and interesting people, a couple that even bought a tear to my eye. It is great to get feedback about your work and for someone to
So New Designers exhibition 2012 is coming up, starting on the 27th June I hope to see you there if you are about. It is in the Business Design Centre in Islington, London. It will show case thousands of graduates from all over the country. To find