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Clean and slick
came across this lastnight and my tiny mind was blown
150/15 Prints by Darcel for colette  Darcel is back with 150 prints for his latest exhibition at Parisian concept store colette. Everybody from the fashion world, press, art sector, music business and more was featured in this latest serie
Can everyone please help me with my new project and fill out this small survey. Political engagement project survey Much appreciated, Karen
Had a really awesome day. I’ve started to intern with Vanilla Ink, it was my first day and I got to go visit the Masters show at Duncan Of Jordanstone. After looking at the amazing work I went back to the studio and blogged. As you all know I l
Hello guys! For any of you that follow my blog and website antics could you follow me on Twitter. @karenkerrdesign    
So, over the past few months I’ve been trying to do as much research (reading mainly) towards my dissertation. After being completely set on my business idea, I’ve now decided it isn’t that path I want to go down. I usually try and
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I’m well on my way with my summer research. Not going to lie, it’s pretty difficult. I’ve changed my mind so many times and I’m finding it hard to settle on one solid idea. I want to provide a service for unemployed people whi
Live Paul Smith fragrance design project. Brief “to design a new mainline fragrance for Paul Smith” This project was in depth in thinking of a story to go behind the fragrance rather than just to go and design something personal for the cl