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Castletown House - photographic storybook
Project celebrating Bob Dylans 7Oth birthday. Graphic frontispiece, hand lino cut print and metal type piece, digital photography album cover.
Visual interpretation of sound.
Castletown woods.
The building!DJCAD standMy stand at New designersA fellow DJCAD'er Mairi Johnstone's work won New Designers Goldsmiths' Jewellery Award!4 years running for Duncan of Jordanstone college of art and design.Overall a great experience!
The above are 3 earrings that rest near the collarbone when worn.The ear cuffs attach round the whole of your ear.
Heightening the wearers sense of touch through contrasting textures. I enjoy working with semi precious and precious stones, exposing them through my different styles of stone settings.
No two pieces of jewellery are the same, reflecting each individual’s skin. This jewellery collection takes its inspiration from the three skin conditions, Psoriasis, Epidermolysis Bullosa and Eczema. Using her own experience of Eczema, Scarle
First up was industry night, we were all very nervous!Turned out to be a successful night for me! Winning The Tayberry Gallery Prize (will fill you in on that soon!)My lovely friends spoiled me with flowers :)And then came opening night... It was a h
I have been thinking about making these babies for ages and now i finally have! As you can see these bottlecaps have been luring me into doing something with them… … so here it is! Bottlecap jewellery: The sexy wonderful Amanda Palmer b
I had a dream the other night, as you do, nothing about that is remarkable. But, it was so perfect, not the dream in it’s entirety, as usual i can’t really remember what happened around the part that is haunting me. There was this one mo