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‘Fossil’ Repeat textile design from my graduate collection ‘Crystalline Brights’ Collection 1. ©Emma Burrow 2012 Been getting behind with my posts. Also i just graduated with a 2:1 in BA (Hons) Textile Design! :) very happy As always check o
As one of the biggest grossing brands in the world I thought I should have a quick look at Boots. When you enter boots you first of all see a large range of people. The largest range of people I have seen on this marketing excursion.
During  my first semester of third year I will be undertaking a cross disciplinary module that will join both PD and DIXD together under our Social Digital banner. The name of the module is Physical Digital Products and will focus on the interacti
Finding your role models can really help you to discover what you are passionate about in this world. Step 2 of Patricia Van Den Akker’s 9 steps to finding your niche asks you to find between 6 and 8 people that you believe to be your role models.
So recently for my project, I have been looking into interesting buildings in and around Glasgow. One particular building I have been looking at is the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) on Royal Exchange Square. I have been doing some quick sketches of th
As I stated in a previous post, I and my class recently received a talk from Patricia Van Den Akker CEO of the Design Trust about finding our niche. I have now completed the first step in this 9 step process and I wish to stare my results. This firs
So after attending the Glasgow DesignSpeck workshop it’s time to start developing our research into some working concepts to be prototyped in January. Rebecca and I have been looking into both the kitchen and social interaction within the home
  During my lecture today an idea came to me. This idea allowed me to test my online information that’s present to future employers. It’s vital that when a new employer searches for you they find relevant and positive information. I have al
Travel !!!
The Burger king branch in the Overgate is a place that you would imagine to be packed with students and retail assistants on their lunch. If you did think this then well done 3 gold stars for you but there is much more to burger king
I am a regular customer at Dundee’s many coffee houses. This is where I do most of my investigative research. In my experience of coffee houses I feel it best to stay away from the big branded company’s such as costa and Starbuck