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Finally my prototype is beginning to come together, with only finishing touches and gluing left to do. One the prototype is complete, I’ll be making a stand for the shoe to be displayed on. In normal shoe shops, they are displayed in very simpl
The first semester of third year was pretty much a whirlwind. The weeks flew in and blogging got lost somewhere down the never ending to do list! So now I’m going to catch up on what I did last semester, before I keep track of what I’m ab
This is my Rapha bikes promotional brief work I decide to revamp and redesign the current promotional material used for rapha with is a small magazine which is in the style of the brand i was inspired by paul smith and his use of colour and clean
This is an establishment that clearly displays its values in all that it does. For example all there product are sitting on very plain white cubes meaning that the shop has no other detail other than the main products themselves. This means that as
Hello! It’s been a while since I last wrote anything here but I’ve been busy busy.  As you’ll have noticed I have migrated my blog from the old University servers to my own website which has also been revamped! I’m always sho
I love podcasts; I listen to them daily. I listen to history, science, comedy, interviews, conversations, reviews, and everything in between. They also appear to be gaining more audience traction as time goes on. It’s surprising to see the mass
If you read this blog you will know a few things about me; firstly, that I have just graduated with a degree in graphic design and secondly, I am looking for a job within this industry. In pursuit of a job I have made a conscious effort to promote my
These were my desired colour-ways, but the client felt that the white type wasn’t easily legible.  Understandable.  Get yourself down to this, it’ll be funnn!             Standedge Artsfest 2012              
Marion Buchenau and Jane Fulton Suri in their paper Experience Prototyping as ‘a form of prototyping that enables design team members, users and clients to gain first-hand appreciation of existing or future conditions through active engageme
This is an archived post from February 2009 : I have mentioned the topic in my previous posts at my BLOGSPOT BLOG and I kept working on it. Finally things took shape and I addressed a Radio Talk show at Planet Satyam, a Radio/Live webcast portal.
WHAT I’VE BEEN DOING “CropShare” was driven heavily by the community that it was being used by. Due to the escapist nature of the allotments, I dismissed screenbased technologies early on and I think that I should have taken longer