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model five. here has tried to have intivigal fork but with this have wecked the ends. as well  have place the holes to close together at along the bend which as resulted in the aluminium breaking. i will have to watch out out the locash of the hole
model four. here i have try to shorten the prongs to less the trang on to them. i like the way that the more open bend looks in this model compered to the others. as well still liking the aggressive shape.
To get a better understanding of the way that the product will look with hole along the bend. this idea to behind having the hole is to enforces the idea that the bend is to showing the tick of flash when getting stitched to getting after a cut. 
third model. Here i try just bending the fork’s prongs on one direction. this has give the intreating shape but with the doing this have not line up the fock as well need to have the bends in the some posision on both sides. i do like the way that
A full model! And working great.
New exhibition project what i have taught is to exhibit new ideas in the forms of posters to the mobile screen savers.This indeed improves to spread the social awareness to the whole world as we are seeing a rapid growth in mobile users th
Black acrylic being CNC’d with the cutting fluid (the white stuff you can see in the shavings)
In our fast-paced daily lives, we sometimes overlook the power and importance of a single drop of water. In this production, students have taken perceptions of the role of water in our lives into another realm entirely. By using sound effects creat
LASERZZZZ! The shoulder rests on the rig are made from a 10 mm closed cell polyurethane foam(it’s waterproof). We haven’t had this material on the laser cutter before so it took a bit of trial and error with the power and speed settings to get
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