Well this years degree show is over and that means one thing… We are next! eeek!

I am nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time. Time for a break from textiles, so I can come back fresh and raring to go…

Here are a few of my personal highlights from this years show…

First of all a big congratulations to Jen Robinson, her beautiful found shells and sea life carefully filed, displayed or thoughtfully made in to sculpture looked great and were loved by many visitors. She along with a couple of my other favorites were mentioned in the Scotsman review.

Below Sarah Coey’s work speaks for itself :

This next peice caught my eye, by Kirsty Mckeown.

I loved the structure and simplicity of the Miriam Mallalieu’s work. Despite its simplicity it looks very time consuming to create. Miriam Mallalieu has been chosen to display this work next year at RSA in Edniburgh.

Below Lauren Peebles has looked in to natural pattern. I love the vibrancy of color and the luxury of silk against the stone.

The next piece is from product design.  Nicola Hume has created ‘Listen here’ to help tourists discover some of the local peoples favorite places. The visitors can listen to sound clips from areas around the city. ‘Using sound alone to represent an environment creates a sense of mystery and encourages exploration.’

Now to textiles. I have been round the textile show a few times. My two favorite displays of work are well executed and have good points to remember for next year. The work itself is simple and beautiful (as Andy says ‘simple is best’). They have both taken a theme or language and experimented with it in as many ways as possible. Next year I want to find my own language, keep it simple but meaningful and fingers crossed produce a beautiful show.

 Sara Greenwood

Samantha Cleminson

Well done to this years Graduates! I hope you all come back to see next years. Another brilliant Degree show put on by DJCAD.

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