So the new year is upon us and what better time to start making some changes to make yourself that little bit better.  I found that last year I was really disorganised with my work and that caused some of projects not to be of a standard they should be.  So this year I’m really going to focus on working harder, to a more strict deadline and to a higher standard.  Although easier said than done I think it can be done.  And as the second year of University is harder than the first it will most likely be vital that I make these changes so I don’t find myself falling behind.

I like forward hopefully improving for the better this year, and find out what it has in store for me, hopefully good things.  We shall see how it goes and hope that I find myself doing even better in my projects which is a goal most designers tend to always try to do.  I wish everyone the best of luck in this new year, hopefully everything will go a lot more smoothly.

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