University seems to be the only thing I seem to hear lately, so many assignments, so little time.  Many have been set with only a couple of months to finish them, along side other personal projects it looks like I’m going to be rather busy.  As well as the search for job placements this year, I look forward to finding out who I will be working for.  If you’re interested in having me as a worker on placement this year, feel free to contact me.

Web Design Principles seems to have the most interesting projects, and hopefully will be fun to create the projects set.  I really do wish that my other modules were to be more web design related but hey beggers can’t be choosers.  Web Development also looks to be rather interesting, using a PHP framework, I haven’t really used a lot of it since becoming a designer except for feeds such as WordPress and Twitter.  I hope the language is as easy to pick up as html5 and css3, there seems to be a lot more context to the language with the potential to do a lot of great things.

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