I have decided to jot down my new goals for the year of 2012, to help remind me to stay on track with everything and hopefully not fail.  I have a lot of expectations that I can hopefully live up to, not only from myself but others such as family and tutors.

So here they are:

  • Finish all of my coursework a week in advance to allow for any little ‘finicky’ little details that need to be played around with to make them perfect.
  • Finish my portfolio, which currently is a work in progress.
  • Apply for placements this year and hopefully get some much needed experience in the working industry.
  • Achieve at least a 2:1 in my assignments, of course ideally I’d love to get firsts in all of my projects but I have to be realistic.
  • Take more time researching languages so that I can understand them better.
  • Take a day off once in a while, simply because we all deserve a break from work now and again.

Hopefully, I can keep to these goals but only time will tell!

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