I’ve come across some great websites generally browsing the web, so I thought I’d share them and give a brief explanation of why I like them and why they are great.

Forrst: This website is great for any developer and/or designer looking to improve their quality of work.  If you want to get feedback for your work to improve it’s design and functionality, well this is the place to go.  You can get help from thousands of experienced designers and developers across the world, I’ve noticed a lot of people developers of websites such as grooveshark and premiumpixels to be frequent users.  So it’s great to watch their work develop and learn more about how to create successful popular websites we all love.

Dribbble: Another great website for progress of work on design, it allows you to use ‘shots’ to help show the development of projects over time and receive feedback.  As we all know the opinions of the public is what matters, unbiased opinions are how we can all improve our work.  I haven’t really used this website as often as Forrst because I find the work I do is more feedback based than progress.  But an amazing website nonetheless, and you should all check this site out.

Nettuts: A great general site for all web purposes, it provides tutorials on just about anything.  From JQuery to simple html, practically anything you’re looking for, there is a nice well explained tutorial for it.  I find going through the tutorials even if they aren’t what you need right now can be really useful for upcoming projects and help get you that little head start over other web designers.

The Oatmeal:  Not really a place for learning and more for procrastinating when bored but this is a fun website that provides cool comics about technology.  Maybe not the funniest thing to the general person but anyone that is a little more techy than average will find themselves laughing at how true these comics are.  Check it out, I’m pretty positive you won’t regret it.

Tutorial Blog:  Last but not least another great tutorial website that helps designers with the little things we don’t pay enough attention too, such as color schemes when to start up your site.  It also provides some great graphic tuts for all the gfx designers out there, that can hopefully give you some much needed inspiration.

This has been only a few of my favourite websites but hopefully will interest you in to checking them out.  There are so many more great websites, so if you have any you can recommend to me to check out feel free by using my contact page.

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