There is so much wrong with this ‘act’ and words cannot describe how could all potentially ruin the internet.  Privacy is important and I don’t understand how the media can even propose taking over something that was made for everyone just to fill their already full wallets.  It’s come to my attention that the people who are claiming ‘for’ the SOPA are the kings of online piracy.  Remember websites like Limewire? We all do, they were the go to for all copyright content from music to video, ebooks to cracked applications.  The leader of SOPA, is actually the owner of Limewire when it was released to the public.

The whole proposal is so hypocritical and it makes me really angry, I sincerely hope that everyone acts against it.  It’s good to see websites like Google and Wikipedia taking a stand.  They are a great influence on the web world, and I’m proud to be an often user.  Godaddy on the other hand, shamefully my domain provider seems to think this whole act is a good idea.  I’d recommend switching your provider soon as I personally don’t wish to be associated with a provider that wishes to join the act of ruining the internet.

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