My 8 Role models

Finding your role models can really help you to discover what you are passionate about in this world. Step 2 of Patricia Van Den Akker’s 9 steps to finding your niche asks you to find between 6 and 8 people that you believe to be your role models. I found this exercise very difficult as there is a lot of people that I aspire to. I came up with 14 people off the top of my head and slowly rattled them down to 8, these 8 people are my key role models.

  • Steve Jobs – the ultimate entrepreneur, creator and father of the brand Apple
  • Jonathan Ives – for his ability to capture the mind of an entire generation
  • Mike Press – for his passion, and work within the design and craft sector
  • Leonardo Da Vinci – for being so innovative that his designs are still being realised today
  • Christopher Nolan – his ability to completely absorb one’s mind within his art
  • J.R.R Tolkien – the ultimate creative, for creating an entire universe with just a typewriter
  • Stanley Kubrick – his ability to amaze an audience through both fear and wonder
  • Dieter Rams – for his ability to create the most beautiful design in modern history

These few are the reason I went into design and the reason I am in love with creativity. There is a wide variety of talent amongst them but they all share one value and that’s creativity above all. I to share this value and that’s why I am so inspired and passionate about each one.

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