So as we enter 2013 I was lucky enough to spend the first few days in London, enjoying the sights and the new furniture gallery within the V&A museum. The gallery displays over 200 examples of the best in furniture design from all over the world including British, American and Asian pieces. Instead of the usual guidebooks and dry information the gallery employs interactive screens that can be used to give the pieces context and expand upon the content of the exhibition. These also include detailed information on the manufacturing processes that have been employed by all the designers exhibited.

While there are many examples, some of which range from the middle ages, it was the final collection that really caught my attention, so much so, I decided to photograph my favourites and keep them for future inspiration.

After working on RainCheck and its challenging wooden exterior I have started to look at furniture in a more meaningful light. I have found myself really questioning what techniques and processes have been used to create different pieces and how I would have approached the same project. This exhibition’s mix of aesthetic beauty and attention to technical process really did fuel my desire to design such an item myself.

It was also pretty exciting to view pieces that so far I had only read about, by designers I have been looking up to.

Ron Arad – Bookworm


Arabesque – Carlo Mollino

Table=Chest – Tomoko Azumi

Jasper Morrison – Ply-Chair


Wooden Heap – Boris Dennler

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