Over the past few months I have been meaning to redesign my website, but with finishing uni and hand ins it has been pushed further and further down my to do list. But finally, after constant tweaking and getting distracted by facebook/twitter/BBC news it is finished (see it here) ! Whenever I need information I always turn to Google first, so not have a web presence means missing such a large potential audience. Feel free to visit my site and give me some constructive feedback at www.alicevaughan.co.uk

I wanted the look of the website to be clean and simple, punctuated with the vibrancy of my images, which I think I have achieved. In general I am quite pleased with the outcome, but undoubtedly I will end up messing around with it as I have a tendency to obsess, mess and improve my website continually.

In other news I have been rubbish at updating my blog lately due to the massive upheaval from uni life back to home life. This combined with some people in my life leaving and some returning means that I haven't had a chance to sit down and actually design or blog anything. But in truth the short break has been kind of nice after a mad May/June :).

I will be making a effort to keep my blog updated as I begin searching for a graphic design job (woah) and improve my portfolio.

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