D&AD New Blood 2012

Callum Crew

Johnathon Shackleton

Nick Mitchell

Michael Davey

Matthew Prossener

Catherine Auld

Giles Pearson

Melanie Milne

Lau Ceres Sin Yee

On Wednesday I went to the D&AD New Blood show in London’s Spitafields Market. The show itself was really crammed in but there was some good work, some stood out more than others, naturally. I would go again and even though it’s over this year, I would recommend the show for next time :)

Anyway, I thought I’d share some pictures I took and some names that you can go inspect further at will. It was quite interesting to see work from all over the country and see all the trends. There was a lot of hand drawn illustration/type, infographics, some really nice typographic stuff. Many of the universities used newspaper style pieces to show off their work as a course collective. I shall take some pictures of these later but for now, Enjoy.

1) Callum Crew 2) Johnathon Shackleton 3) Nick Mitchell 4) Michael Davey 5) Matthew Prosser  6) Catherine Auld 7) Giles Pearson 8) Melanie Milne 9) Lau Ceres Sin Yee

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