Platform Number 6 : Feast of friends...moments of desperate laughter...pseudo intellectual light from the guard bogie...good byes...A couple screamed at me - "Pull the chain" ...agony in their eyes - I remember the feeling of missing the train from a less than 24 hour ago experience... I ran inside & pulled the chain - but the train had stopped before my efforts and I realized - I am jobless for next 1 year...

Pitch dark...Snoring sound.... someone's playing Leaving on a jetplane in next compartment - Wish John Denver knew about Sampark Kranti....The cute kid's walking around with his 'chu-chu' shoes that I always wanted for myself...
Mixed emotions - excitement...anxiety...Reaching for Serenity ? She is the one ! Purple glove...grunge rock....Stuck in the moment.

Little did I know that this place would trick me into staying here for 4 years when I arrived here on 13th June 2007. Satyam, Livestream, SourceN, Trident PG Acco : I met some really amazing people - and I think that made the difference. 
  • Weather - Unparalleled, 
  • People - Unmatched,  
  • Food - Authentic (and yummy - I still love dosa and thatte idly) 
  • Lessons - Indispensable. 
I went on from being a just-out-of-college kid to a professional to a leader. Developed healthy habit of reading a lot and learning something new everyday.I learnt to respect different cultures & opinions and that Karnataka is different from rest of (South & North) India in so many more ways than I had thought. 

I have a lot of respect for this place and I hope I will come back to the not-just-retirement-paradise and never retire :)

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