The movie is meant purely for rebellious folks. Those who'v lived in sophistication of shelves all their life, will never be able to relate to it. (To each his own).

Inspired by Val Kilmer's portrayal of Jim Morrison... "The Doors"... and they are not hiding it. Infact its apparent. And hence the story narration is erratic & non linear, much like Morrison's electrifying incoherent poetry and Dev.D influenced inebriating attitude. Kashmir, Delhi, Italy, Scream, Angst, Reckless, Devil-May-Care, Tormented,  Terrific moments, Bravura execution , never ending goosebumps.....Exemplary cinema !

The movie runs on Rahman's composition that depict emotional abreaction and Christy Samuels guitar. Ranbeer does justice - he's played right tabs all along. Long live urban guerrilla, long live rock n roll.

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