Read on only if you answer in YES to the following :

  1. Are you a natural rebel?
  2. Naturally destructive? Did you break open your home’s television/radio/stereo at 6 just to see how can so many people/voices sit inside a small box ?
  3. Ever felt that you cannot/don’t want to be tied down to a single idea, a single technology, a single programming language? Do you prefer products over technology ?
  4. Ever wanted to hold enough power to govern the system in a way?
  5. Are you creative?…. enough to present constructive criticism?
  6. Do you want to be involved at every stage of a Software Dev Life Cycle rather than stopping at one ?
  7. Do you think you can be ‘jack of all trades and master of none?’

Cool ! You’re reading the right stuff.

Software Testing is generally understood as :

  • Receiving tonnes of documents or half broken prototypes
  • Deriving kilometers long Test Cases from miles long specification documents.
  • Executing the light year long test cases over and over everyday, marking them pass and fail and trying to reach some gorgeous exit criteria based on someone”s unimaginable imagination.

You’d find many myth busters on the web. Here’s the link to one of the good one’s

In a Software world bursting with amazing startups, the meaning of Quality has transformed from a so called low skilled job with small learning curve to a highly skilled job with a very demanding learning capability. Those who could not visualize this – don’t worry – like I said, you’re reading the right stuff.

Today’s Software Testing is not about following a script or a manual – Like you cannot use Ms-dos today, you cannot govern the new age with 20 year old stale rules. Gone are the days when hardly educated job seekers were hired as testers – made to write test cases which were suppose to be followed industriously. Today’s industry trusts the Test Engineer’s mind. Yes – Engineers choose to be testers.  Wake-Up ! ………………….. Forget about test driven development, normally, In the agile universe of very smart organizations, Testing begins right from the Estimate phase with Test Identification in shape of easy-to-read Scenarios that covers Compatibility and Usability apart from the Functional and other Non-Functional Testing types.

So where does QA fit into the paradigm of Startups?

Pixel perfection does NOT figure in the must have and comes into play only after the first leg of recognition. In-fact, extremely passionate developers, who are openly sharing knowledge and are driving  today’s technological world with cutting edge technologies - seldom need their work to be checked – they might use some confirmation and feedback at times. Once these organizations have scaled in terms of producing something worthy with some kick-ass tech-crazy people , they look for assuring their quality of work and comes in a QA team…

If you have these qualities it adds to you reading the right stuff here. Being in a startup’s Quality team is like running a start-up, within a start-up. Its the first leg of you being an entrepreneur. You get to innovate, destroy, create , hire , sell, communicate, experiment, err, recover, learn, teach, train, counsel and share while you use cutting edge technologies at work and get to use the products before anyone else in the world. Read Subroto Bagchi’s all three books to get more insight and see if you can relate to whats been said about startups – if you have it in you and few best ways of getting there. In his words, Information Technology is the newest professional compared to human being’s all other professions and the best way to get well versed in it is by learning from the experience of those who’ve been there and done that and of course by making our own mistakes !

I have always said that No technology/process in the world is giant enough to be learnt/conquered by a youth’s mind. Like Vineet Nayar says, Leadership now resides at bottom of the pyramid. So all that matters is the right attitude and the will to learn and excel + the above 7 questions .

If you are a young Bangalorean, you should consider speaking to Ajit Singh for career opportunities and counseling in any Information Technology domain and field and if your adrenaline shot high and you’re all charged up about being your own quality master after reading the fuss about Quality, then speak to Santosh Tuppad

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