Feedback is reverent ! Constructive criticism can frame and reframe experiences very fluidly, producing extraordinary results.

The process of professional peer review can be dated back to 9th Century when a visiting physician’s notes were reviewed against patients health to determine medication effectiveness. Over the ages, the art of reviewing and critiquing has evolved for good. Peer review gives a whole new meaning to self regulation by involving professionals in order to match benchmarks, meliorate performance and add credibleness to work.

It is said that mind plays tricks on us because we only see the watersheds we expect to see and fail to register the signal that direct us to the fact that we are still sailing. Rational technical minds accentuate on control and predictability of outputs. Only one reference of misplay is anchoring, often, so many of us get fixed on the first solution that appears correct, even if something hints us of it being wrong.

Best creative works in the world are often a result of conscious or intuitive reframing that take advantage of multiple perspectives and imaginations wandering in the courageous world of uncertainty where the palette of ideas is not bound by limits and outputs are loaded with powerful stimulus.Artists are known to communicate experiences in ways which flesh-out raw energies, feelings, nuances and unveil new possibilities – through a combination of interpretations.

Image Courtesy : Anusha Ravi

Student Designers is about creative interpretation of design. They encourage artistic conception of design which enhances it and makes it more expressive – beyond today’s realities into new forms that empower collective performance. Click, Draw, Refit, Reframe, Poetry, bring it on and be open to feedback !

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