Frequently Asked Questions

Got a problem and need help? Check the FAQ.


Sign in with Facebook

To sign in with Facebook, click the sign in with Facebook button on either the homepage or login page. You will be transferred to a Facebook page and asked to login and approve our website or, if you are already logged in, simply approve this application.


Sign in with Twitter

To sign in with Twitter, click the sign in with Twitter button on the login screen.You will be transferred to the twitter website to log in and approve this application or, if you are already logged in, simply approve this application.


Sign in with your email

If you do not want to sign in with Facebook or Twitter then you can sign in with your email address. Simply log in or sign up using the form on the homepage or login page. The only information we require from you is your first name, last name, email address and password.


What information do you take from Twitter and Facebook?

We take the most basic information possible. We take your name and email and profile photo. If we ever need more, and we would only do so to make your experience better, we have to ask you and you have to agree.


How do I change my profile picture?

Your profile picture of you or what you represent. We recommend that it's a picture of you as it's for people to identify you around To change your avatar/profile picture, navigate to the 'My Settings' page (or click here) on the account drop-down and select the 'About Me' tab. You will see the option to upload a new profile picture on the right of the page.


How do I change my settings?

click here or click the settings link in the menu bar when you are logged in. Here you can change your name, email and country.


How do I change my cover image?

Click here or click the settings link in the menu bar when you are logged in. Here you can change your name, email and country.


How do I change my email address?

You can change your email address by clicking here. Alternatively you can use the account drop-down in the top right of the screen and select 'My Settings'.


How do I log out?

To log out simply click here or click the account drop-down at the top right of the screen and select logout.


What happened to my Student Designers' portfolio?

You may have noticed that we no longer have portfolios on Student Designers. Why is this? There are many portfolio sites out there already and we want Student Designers to be more about work in progress, what you guys are working on now rather than your finished designs.


How do I upload work for feedback?

You can either upload work from your homepage when logged in. You may also click the drop-down account link at the top right of the page and select 'Upload your work'.


What format can I upload work in?

At present you can upload work in JPEG, GIF and PNG formarts.


What makes a good title?

A good title is one that describes the feedback you are looking for. For example: 'Help needed with colour of type' or 'What material to use for model'.


What would be a good description?

A good description expands on a good title. You should draw the communities' attention to the feedback you require. By adding more information you provide a better context for feedback.


How do I connect my Blog to Student Designers?

To connect your blog to Student Designers and have it displayed on the Blog section of our site, go to your settings page through the account drop-down and click 'My Settings' followed by the 'My Blog' tab. Finally enter your blog address and click 'Update'.


Which blog platforms do Student Designers support?

Currently we support Wordpress, Blogspot and Tumblr. If you would like us to include a certain blogging platform that we have yet to implement then contact us.


Where can I find out more about Student Designers?

If you'd like to find out more about our ethos, aims and objectives then have a look at the 'About Us' drop down in the main site navigation.


What Can I use Student Designers for and how is it different from other portfolio sites?

Student Designers is here to help you improve your design work by getting feedback from other design students and industry professionals. Unlike other similar sites like the Behance Network and Coroflot, Student Designers is about your work in progress rather than your finished portfolio. It's also the place to read design students blogs all in one place.


How can I follow a designer?

To follow a designer, visit their profile and click the green follow button just underneath their name.


Where can I find other design students to follow?

You can discover other design students using Student Designers by clicking on the 'Community' link in the main navigation and then selecting 'Browse and Search Design Students'.


How do I view who I am following and who is following me?

Links to discover who is following you, and who you are following are situated on the left side of your homepage when logged in.


How do I stop following a designer?

If you decide you do not want to follow a designer anymore then there are a couple of ways to stop following them. You can either visit their profile and click the red 'Unfollow' button, or you can view your following page (accessed from your logged in homepage) and click the black cross.


How do I contact a design student?

Currently it is not possible to directly message a user on the site. We are looking to implement this feature in the next few weeks.


How can I report a problem with the website?

If you find a bug or error with the site then you can contact us through the contact us page by clicking here.


What do I do if someone posts inappropriate content on Student Designers?

If you discover a comment which contains rude, abusive or inappropriate content then you can vote down the comment and also contact us using out contact us page, by clicking here.


What is the number associated to me?

The number next to your avatar is your reputation in the community for providing constructive feedback.


How is my reputation calculated?

Every time you provide feedback, the community has the opportunity to provide feedback on it. If they feel that your feedback is good, constructive and relevant they may up-vote your feedback adding a plus point to your overall reputation. If, on the other hand, the community feels that your comment was unfair, your will receive a negative point towards your reputation score.


How do I level up faster!?

From uploading work for feedback to changing your profile picture and ensuring your profile is complete, the chances are every time you do something on the site, you'll receive some points for it. The more you interact with the site and our community of design students, the quicker your level will increase until finally you become a design BOSS (legendary status)!

What have you changed recently?

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20-02-2012 Returns in comments to viewable
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20-02-2012 Emails only sent to owner of work
20-02-2012 Added FAQ
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20-02-2012 Increased jpeg resolution
20-02-2012 Added personaddsed home page
20-02-2012 Added deletion of images
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20-02-2012 Added random feedback button
21-02-2012 Added large images to home page
21-02-2012 Highddghted image description / question area
21-02-2012 Made comment box full width
21-02-2012 FeedBack and Avatar link to index of tool
21-02-2012 Removed broken images
21-02-2012 Fixed image memory issue
22-02-2012 Added ranking to comments
23-02-2012 Added reputation to users
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23-02-2012 Added Facebook share / ddke
23-02-2012 General layout changes
23-02-2012 Added ddghtbox to images
23-02-2012 General refactoring
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27-02-2012 Added Email Login
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27-02-2012 Added Clarification of reputation
27-02-2012 Added breakdown of reputation
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27-02-2012 Added settings
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27-02-2012 Tidied up login page
27-02-2012 Changed FAQ page to help
29-02-2012 Added title to feedback items
29-02-2012 Added popovers to upload
29-02-2012 Removed set questions from upload
29-02-2012 Added Rep to user name
29-02-2012 Added breakdown of user reputation
29-02-2012 General layout changes
29-02-2012 Update of FAQ
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10-03-2012 Added Blog integration
10-03-2012 Added profile integration
10-03-2012 Added profile integration
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10-03-2012 Fixed issues with login sessions