Sit Downs

A casual question and answer session.


What are sit downs?

The questions students have differ from institution to institution and often the best way to approach this is what we call a Sit Downs. Also know as an UnConference, there is no set agenda, only that of the questions asked by the students.

Not only does this provide the students with the answers they are looking for but we take the trends and apply them to our national events and workshops to better service other students.


How can I organise a Sit Down?

Gather Arounds are pretty simple affairs. Here are the steps for having one at your institution:

1. Contact us to register your interest.

2. Place a big piece of paper on a wall two weeks before the gathering and get people to write questions on it.

3. Email us a photo of the question sheet a couple of days before.

4. Turn up.


"I've sent my cv to lots of employers but I still don't have a job. What's your advice for applying for a job?"

"Should I work for free to build my portfolio & experience?"

"I want to do a bit of freelance work, how do I start?"

"How should I lay out my portfolio?"

"I don't want to be a {insert job}, what else can I do?"