We inject inspiration and magic to your events and workshops.


With lots of experience of running entrepreneurship and development courses, we know how to keep things upbeat, interesting and inspiring. We carefully balance theory with practice and breaks in order to provide strong learning outcomes and a motivated post-event audience.

Helping design educators

1. Enthuse your audience to perform better

2. Increase audience information retention

3. Equip your audience with a set of tools to tackle problems

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Our Services


Helping you develop and deliver entrepreneurial events and workshops.

Entrepreneurial thinking is a critical skill, especially in today's climate. However, it is often added into events as an afterthought resulting in frustrating results.

We help you embed entrepreneurship and design tools into the foundations of your events to provide a seamless integration and uptake from participants.

Outcome: A more involved, inspired participant who retains and implements more of the learning outcomes.



Inspiring and entertaining talks from our team and our entrepreneurial network.

It's often hard for your audience to imagine themselves as entrepreneurs during ordinary educational practice. As a team of young entrepreneurs, the students see our achievements are seen as more attainable and realistic.

We also have a network of like-minded entrepreneurs who can deliver inspiring talks.

Outcome: An inspired and entertained audience.


Event Facilitation

We become part of the facilitation team to bring the best out of the participants.

Having facilitators who have been trained how to get the most out of the participants is key to the success of an event or workshop.

Our team have been trained by some of the world's best entrepreneurship facilitators and continue to attend further development courses to keep them at the top of their game.

Outcome: Participants learn and retain more.


Event Compering

Hosting events and making sure they run on time and deliver all learning outcomes.

After spending so long designing an event, letting the schedule slip drains both the organisers and the attendees. Every event needs a compare to keep the energy levels up and everything on track.

We have strong experience of finishing at the allotted time with all tasks complete and with a smile on everyone's face.

Outcome: A successful event that delivers all learning objectives and finishes on time.