Business: Designed

Students from different disciplines and countries collaboratively design a business in a day.

Business: Designed is an intense day where students from all over the UK come together to design a business in just 9 hours. It's free to attend and provides students with an opportunity to work with new, intelligent and enthusiastic students from around the world.

"The day was amazing. Learned so much, not just from the Student Designers team but from the other students that attended too. Feel as though I could be a lot more confident and informed now when starting a business. Would highly recommend this event to everyone who is interested in starting or learning more about business."
- Nicole


A typical day at a Business: Designed event

In the morning

Arrivals, Coffee and Hellos

Walking into a room full of people you don't know is not the easiest of tasks even for the most confident of people. We like to warm up the atmosphere with a good old fashioned coffee fuelled introduction with a Student Designers' flavour mixed in.

Welcome and Introduction

You'll have a vague idea of what you are up against thanks to the info pack you will have been sent on acceptance to Business: Designed but you will still have quite a few questions. This is where we pre-emptively answer them.'

Collaborative Idea Generation

Go! You have a blank wall / window, a pile of Post-it Notes and marker pens and it's time to get generating ideas. You will quickly generate hundreds, if not thousands, of ideas around a given subject. No judging, no discussing just post-it on wall.

Coffee Break

Because you will need one.

In the afternoon

Idea Selection

Re-energised, you are looking at hundreds of ideas and insights. It's now time to go through the process of selecting a single idea to work on for the rest of the day. We help you through the process and provide you with a range of design and business tools to help you choose the most viable, fun and needed idea.


A large lunch of fresh sandwiches, drinks, snacks and fruit to accompany the reflection of the morning. Most of the teams will work through this period as their ideas are starting to become coherent.

Business Model Generation

Now it's time to take your idea and model it. For the next couple of hours you will be designing customer groups, value propositions, marketing channels, customer relationships, revenue streams, key activities and resources, partnerships and cost structures. It sounds like a lot and it is but we have incredibly effective design and business tools to help guide you step by step through the process.

Coffee Break

Because you'll definitely need one by now!

Idea Pitching

You now have an idea and a business model. It's time to communicate this to others. This notoriously difficult exercise has to be done with the help of only 9 (large) Post-it Notes, each with one image to describe the different parts of the business model.

Drinks & Networking

Sipping responsibly on a glass of beer or wine, it's time to reflect with others on the day and meet the other students from other teams as you now all have something in common to take forwards.

Three reasons to attend Business: Designed

Get a better Job

Regardless of whether you want to start your own company or work for someone else, this event will prepare you better and give you a better understanding of the business environment, a highly valued skill by employers and investors.

Meet the future winners

People who care and actively seek to do better in education do better in their professional life. The people you will meet at Business: Designed are looking to do something better or different. These are the people you should stay in touch with. And by the way, you are also one of these people.

Have a lot of fun

There is nothing more fun and rewarding than exceeding your own expectations. You will do this over and over again at Business: Designed.

Want to apply?

We will post on our blog and through our social networks when the next event is and how to apply.

Euan enthused...

"The Business: Designed workshop was a really useful, entertaining and thoroughly worthwhile event. Alex and the team at Student Designers really brought a new perspective to the somewhat business-ignorant field of design. By creating a learning experience for us, and at the same time helping us to meet other like-minded people from around the country, they definitely left an impression with everyone there."

Corina exclaimed...

"I never thought I could design a business, but I am a design student, there isn't anything I can't do now :) "